Our Story

Company Profile

Lomino Ceramic company started as a manufacturer and exporter of Heavy Duty Vitrified Parking tiles. it has gained a high reputation for world-class quality and excellent customer service.
Lomino Ceramic was located in at Rapar, in what was to become the top international hub for the creation of a state-of-the-art, high-end ceramic tiles, which has grown together with the company over the decades.





Quality Certificates

Quality at Lomino means quality of product, environmental sustainability and respect for workers’ safety, priorities that have enabled the firm to certify its systems and products. For Lomino, loving ceramics has always meant respecting the environment, in the sense of the human and natural landscape.

Eco-Management and Audit Scheme is a voluntary instrument in which businesses and organisations can participate. Our Company has decided to do so in order to pursue and make visible the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, which is made available to the public through the environmental statement.

ISO 9001 certification: for corporate Quality system management. The certification, valid at an international level, concerns corporate management in its entirety, from research and development to production, and from distribution to customer support. This system certifies that the Company has implemented an internal quality management system.

About Lomino Ceramic

Lomino Ceramic has been dealing in Heavy Duty Vitrified Parking tiles and related goods into India, and have always maintained a strong focus on delivering a variety of quality products. To complement our range of quality ceramic and tiles products we are also the exclusive Manufacturer in India for Custom Building Products.

As a leader in quality tile solutions to the vitrified Parking tile industry, Lomino Ceramic offers a technically advanced range of adhesive and surface installation materials, care and maintenance products, ceramic and vitrified Parking tiles.